Todays TECHS and some EZ no-flation news …

HERE IS A LINK to this mornings TECHNICALS.pdf 

If/when you click it you will find daily pivots to help inform trading/investing needs. Today’s PIVOTS are: 5s vs 2.81; 10s vs 2.97; 30s vs 3.14

As far as today’s TECHS, you’ll note GP: 10s remain near 2.95 (with BULLISH momentum — will NFP ‘tip the scales’?); 5s vs 2.80 — attempting to break badly for the bears? ALSO NOTE 5s remain well BID vs 2s10s; S&P has BEARISH momentum and remains contained by 50d and 200dMAs; Citi (OD) notes all on runs are ‘turning bullish’; CitiFX Weekly all GBP all the time (think more GBP weakness relative TO USD); CSFBs WEEKLY — focus DXY (break HIGHER above 200dMA) and as far as 10s — remain on HIGH ALERT FOR TECH TOP (key resistance 2.91/895) and watching BULL TRIANGLE for S&P; 30s watching BEARISH DRAGONFLY DOJI (Wed) think HIGHER YLDS; KIMBLE on Deja VU for the EURO as well as an IMPORTANT TEST for S&P uptrend; NWM on 5s30s T-line RESISTANCE just below 35bps; SocGEN on BASE METALS POTENTIALLY BEARISH FORMATIONS — ie Dr COPPER!! 

Here are some levels as of 5am:

As far as some news driving overnight price action, it’s worth noting another holiday holiday in Japan has kept volumes subdued BUT at 5a, EZ inflation slipped and has given FI a bid. From BBG:

Euro-Area Inflation Unexpectedly Slows, Muddying ECB Exit Debate

As far as some OTHER NEWS informing price action, HERE is link thru to IGMs PRESS PICKS for today
Have a good start…
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