Thursday Night Steel Cage Match…

We really long for the days where Thursday nights were about hitting the bars with some buds … We’ve hung up those cleats and what we find in the closet these days?? YouTube videos from The Left. Now to give the devil their due we’ll just post up the Goolsbee video which we noticed late in the day over at the Pay attention to the very end where it is perhaps a Freudian Slip in as far as WHAT anyone with the power to create jobs – er, um, we mean with the Fat-Cat Banker Salaries – is gonna get:

BIG RED GOOSE EGG! Got it? Now that seems nice and easy to understand, doesn’t it. Good thing it is that easy. Big RED dots = bad = stop = HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, right?? (good thing we’re making all this money on Citi and AIG! just in a knick of time! but we digress).

WE would LOVE to see Mr. Goolsbee and Bob McTeer – NOT a village idiot by pretty much ANY standards. He WAS a president of a Federal Reserve Bank and did have a seat at one of the important tables and SO, we lean on HIS comments from a day or so ago regarding The Laffer Curve. From McTeer:

… The lower rates on the less-than-rich won’t enhance economic activity enough to raise tax revenues. However, the higher tax rates on “the rich” will also produce lower revenues by driving them to their tax lawyers and accountants.

Arguably more OPINION than fact BUT you gotta at least give it consideration, no? Maybe? Perhaps it is just US and the way we lean. Couldn’t let Mr. Goolsbee’s little youtube thingy with big red goose-eggs go by withOUT suggesting a steel-cage match.

Too bad this is the highlight for us on a Thursday night. Hopefully you’ll be reading/seeing this on Friday morning, hung over after a great evening with friends, family and fun! TGIF!

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