China’s PMI WEAK & Dinner With Dave

Hope Rosy felt like ordering IN Chinese food tonight …

China Manufacturing Slows for Second Month, Adding to Signs Growth Cooling – Bloomy

Yep, here we go again. Look kids, there’s Big Ben!! (and no, that never gets old).

In as far as NOT getting old, Rosy put out some thoughts late in the day and we figured they’d be worth  leaning on at some point in the near future:

Dinner with Dave – June 30, 2010

We ‘post’ given his hot topics like “Bonding with the bond” – a very timely and helpful/instructive read given Long Bonds are now sub-4.00% and could use a bit of cheerleading given not many like them YET they keep going UP? Go figure. He ALSO asks “Why are muni’s underperforming?” In as far as the answer goes to the muni question Rosy offers the (conservative?) $5 Trillion underfunded pension liability issue and think about THAT from a duration perspective…

That is enough of a tease for now and we’ll offer following ChartGrid post Chinese PMI and say good night and good riddens to the Mariners! Enough already!! Didn’t they get the memo we won the World Series last year and spend more than everyone on our payroll??

Dow Futures on the LEFT with 10yr Futures on the right, tick, 1-day:

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