Giving Curling A Whirl (CNBC … and a friend)

Chris – you crazy MoFo – this one is for you …

It has come to our attention, as well as that of NYTimes right along with CNBC, that Curling is a big deal. WHO KNEW. I have told my boys that their mother – having grown UP in Canada – used to do this Curling thing in the street with her friends after school, just the same way they play baseball, basketball and football now. I was kidding of course. I had NO idea that Curling was so widespread and it seems that today was The Day … NYTimes story, CNBC video and a friend of ours told us he ‘found his winter hobby’ and went and actually joined a Curling club. We’re not making this up – we only WISH we were that creative. Have seen the pictures of our friend actually on the Curling track/field/place with all the trimmings – whatever it is they are called. OUR ONLY OPINION OF CURLING is that the day the Fed HIKED the DR, CNBC had NO BIZ with Curling programming. Guess we stand alone there, given all the press that hit the wires today:

Published: February 26, 2010
The oddball of the Olympics has captivated traders thanks to CNBC, which covers curling after the closing bell.
But WAIT, there’s more – here are some CNBC anchors in the act of the Curl – or whatever it is that it’s called. Elvira and Rovell havin’ at it:

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