Ritholtz (Bianco) on MSs 5.50% 10yr …

Couldn’t let this one slide … Ritholtz squad just put some thinking to MSs estimate and we thought it was worth noting, linking to and having so as we can refer back to it next year … At the end of the day, if you think the Fed’s on verge of colossal cluster !@#$!@#$ and missing the exit signs and NOT taking away the punchbowl in time, well then MS may just be right … at which point, WE think we’ll ALL have much BIGGER problems to deal with – bigger fish to fry if you will. In any case, here’s latest posting from The Big Picture:

(let us know IF the above doesn’t work, and we’d be happy to make some other arrangements)

Upon further review and with the help of some feedback, HERE IS A LINK TO OUR PDF if as we fear, the above PDF is not viewable … the whole embedding thing sounds good on paper but not if it doesn’t work!

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