Friday – October 30th, 2009

  • Defaults by Small, Medium Size Firms Up in September: CNBC
  • Bill Would Extend Time to Fund Pension Plans: NYT
  • Geithner Says Commercial Real Estate Woes Won’t Spark Crisis: Bloomy
  • Awaiting Jobs SAVED OR CREATED via


Good goes around, right? We’ve got a larger-than-normal rant this morning and before you just click DELETE, we’ll throw out a couple of the highlights – we’ve got a picture of fast/sexy 4-door ELECTRIC sports car. NO, NOT the the CLS or the CC – can you say FISKER, made in America? ALSO, think under ’40-large’ – hey we can dream, can’t we? We’ve ALSO recapped some of what is up on our website – specifically we’d mention that Paul Tudor Jones investor letter is there and HE likes the flattener – so do WE. We’ve got two pictures – 2s/10s AND 10s/Bonds. Food for thought. If that leaves you hungry, though, we’ll offer some MORE food for thought. Not sure WHEN to check but keep an eye on as the government will tell us later on today just how many jobs have been SAVED OR CREATED. We’ve posted a relevant video clip up on our website about this – we cannot believe NOBODY is talking about it. Yet. Finally, some food for thought (or dessert, at this point) in today’s NYTimes – story about a bill making it’s way thru the process that would allow companies with under-funded pension funds another couple of years to get whole. Think about that and ask 2 questions. First, WHY are they under-funded and second, given your answer to question No. 1, where/how do you think they will have interest in getting closer TO fully funded status (what asset class)? For more on THAT answer see the WSJ.pdf linked to in today’s note which asks IF the US economy is turning Japanese. Have at it and have a GREAT start to the end of what’s been a VERY SCARY WEEK.


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