US Credit Perspectives – PIMCOs Mark Kiesel

A report on PIMCOs website ( ) released a short while ago discusses a couple of our favorite things – golf and the credit markets. It actually goes further, though, relating the two and THAT we thought worthy of ‘posting’ here. The underlying theme happens to be one we agree with completely. Here’s an example. A quote from p6 of 7: 

What Should Investors Do?

With supportive near-term technicals, decent relative valuations and stabilizing corporate fundamentals, select investments in the credit market remain attractive. However, investors should be cautious given the magnitude of spread tightening so far. Why? The sustainability of the current economic recovery remains a significant source of uncertainty given the risk of weak final demand, particularly in developed economies. 

There are TONS of great pictures which makes this (only) 7pg read FLY BY. Highly recommend having a look and as for US, with separated shoulder, this is about as close to golf as we’ll be getting in the very near future. Here’s PIMCOs note:


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